Title: Ghostbustin'
Summary: in which dongwoo can see ghosts and has a mental breakdown and has to move to the countryside to take a breather and meets sort of but not really ghostbuster sunggyu and his trusty, greasy sidekick woohyun. chaos ensues.
Pairings: woohyun/dongwoo/sunggyu, sungjong/sungyeol, howon/eunji
Warning: lapslock, features tasty twins :)
Rating: PG
Notes: this entire fic filled with my rusty writing after my hiatus belongs to my co captain-nim,sunlit

“i’m not dead,” dongwoo blurts out hoarsely, resisting the urge to scream. the twins exchange a look before smiling pityingly. “that’s what they all say at first. don’t worry, when sunggyu-hyung gets back, he’ll help you come to terms with it,” they say in unison.


title: ghostbustin’

pairing: woohyun/sunggyu/dongwoo, hoya/eunji, sungyeol/sungjong

rating: PG

summary: in which dongwoo can see ghosts and has a mental breakdown and has to move to the countryside to take a breather and meets sort of not really ghostbuster sunggyu and his trusty, greasy sidekick woohyun. chaos ensues.

warning: lapslock, features tasty twins

notes: this was mostly inspired by the bravery king on ranking king :) it sounds sort of crack fic-ish but it’s really not. the design of the houses and the village that i’m using is the one like in the bravery king episode just so it’s clear :) i've been on an unofficial hiatus from writing, so do forgive me if it seems a little weird in some places ;; aside from that, this entire fic belongs to my co captain-nim, the beloved chelsea as her belated birthday gift from me :) love you many many <3


jang dongwoo is a special kid. his mother tells him that he’s blessed sort of but dongwoo thinks otherwise. he thinks his blessing is more of a curse especially when he has courage the size of a teaspoon. his best friend, howon, tells him that he needs to man up and face his fears eventually but dongwoo thinks it’s ironic coming from him because howon’s just about as brave as he is, just a leetle bit more though.

but how is jang dongwoo special, you’re wondering. well, dongwoo has the ability to see ghosts. howon, his very unhelpful best friend thinks it’s the joke of the century because dongwoo always comes close to a mental breakdown whenever he sees one on the streets as he’s heading to college or when he visits the hospital because he stupidly volunteers there.

as funny as this is though, howon thinks, it’s starting to get a little old because as much as he loves his best friend, all of his daily breakdowns are cutting into his alone time with eunji, his girlfriend, whom he is talking to on the phone right now.

“oppa, how about tonight? we can watch a movie and dinner together,” eunji asks.

“ah, i’m not sure if tonight is a good idea,” howon replies, frowning slightly and his words are proven true when dongwoo comes bursting into his living room, looking terrified out of his wits and wailing. the younger man groans as he hangs up on his girlfriend after a quick goodbye and directs dongwoo to the sofa.

“seriously hyung?” howon asks, exasperated. “you’ve had 23 years to get used to them following you!”

dongwoo whimpers pitifully, blinking big brown, teary eyes up at his best friend. you will not crumble, howon repeats to himself mentally, looking anywhere but at dongwoo’s sad puppy dog eyes and sighs when dongwoo tugs on his shirt.

he hugs the older man and pats his head. “big baby,” howon says fondly. “but seriously hyung, you’re the biggest cockblocker, like ever,”

“i’m sorry,” dongwoo apologises sadly. “but i can’t take it anymore howonnie! i can’t even concentrate on my writing and my editor says she’ll kill me if i miss my deadline which is in three weeks and my umma says she’s going to find a rocket to dump me on mars at this rate because the ghosts keep visiting me at night!”

mentally, howon sends a blessing to dear mrs. jang for having held out this long on her beloved son. she must have the patience of a saint.

“look, summer break is coming up right?” howon questions. “so, why don’t i call up woohyun and you can go stay with him in the countryside for a couple of weeks to get away from all the ghosts in the city and not piss your mother off,”

dongwoo smiles widely, gums and all and nods excitedly. “sounds cool!” he says brightly. howon grins at his best friend and dials up woohyun, thinking fondly that this is why dongwoo is his best friend because honestly, apart from the breakdowns and wailing that could put whales to shame, he really is pretty sweet.

when the older starts wailing again though, howon miserably takes back whatever he’d just thought, positively glowing when woohyun answers and he arranges for dongwoo to stay with the younger man over summer.


i hate my best friend, dongwoo thinks miserably as he steps off the train, hugging his backpack to his body and dragging his luggage along. earlier that morning, dongwoo had to get to the train station by himself to take his train to the countryside where woohyun had moved to back in the second year of junior high. it wasn’t all that pleasant for dongwoo because he spent most of the cab ride curled up in a corner with his music blasting trying to ignore the ghost of an ahjumma who had followed him into the cab.

as dongwoo finds a corner to wait for woohyun by, his phone beeps with a text message and he pulls it out, making a face when he sees howon’s name.

From: howon

hey hyung! how was the train ride? sorry i couldn’t send you to the train station! i took the opportunity to take eunji out on a date. hehe :) have fun with woohyun!

“i have a terrible best friend,” dongwoo says mournfully, slipping his phone back into his pocket just as someone shouts his name.


dongwoo turns and sees woohyun running towards him, waving madly. “hey woohyun!” dongwoo greets happily, hugging the younger man who looked completely different from last time. “you look so different! in a good way of course,” dongwoo adds on hastily.

woohyun grins easily, taking the older man’s luggage from him. “i should look different. i haven’t been working the fields for nothing after all. come on, let’s get going,”

as they drive to woohyun’s home, they catch up with each other’s lives and dongwoo is a little surprised when woohyun tells him, “i stay with my boyfriend so i hope it’s not too awkward for you,” he says apologetically.

“no, not at all. don’t worry,” dongwoo reassures him with a gummy smile and the tension in woohyun’s shoulders bleeds out, changing the subject to dongwoo’s job as a fiction writer.

“i love writing,” dongwoo confesses, smiling dreamily. “my umma always said i had a good imagination so i channeled it into my writing and i got signed up by infinity publications. my editor is kind of scary though especially with my deadline coming up in three weeks. i hope the stay here will help me get my focus back so i won’t end up in a dumpster somewhere,”

the younger man laughs, pulling into a driveway and hopping out of the car. “don’t worry, i’m sure you’ll get your book done on time,” he says, hastily grabbing dongwoo’s stuff out of the bonnet and shoving at the older man towards the old style korean house and shoving a bunch of keys at him.

“the one with the green sticker is for the front door. your room is the one with the label ‘guest room’ so get settled and if you need the computer, it’s on the second floor, labelled ‘study room’,” woohyun says in a rush, checking his watch. “and if anything strange happens, ignore it. okay, sorry hyung, but i’ve got to rush back to the cafe before my employees burn it down!”

“i’ll close up as early as i can so i can cook you a welcome dinner!” woohyun shouts, getting into the car and reversing out of the driveway before speeding off into town. dongwoo shakes his head in amusement and unlocks the front door, carrying his bags in and slipping his shoes off at the entryway, marvelling the old design of the house and homey it seemed.

he’s only been here for thirty minutes, counting in the trip from the train station back to the house and he already likes it here. for one, it’s ghost free and secondly, the beautiful scenery and serenity of the village is a nice change from the crowded concrete jungle of the city.

he walks deeper into the house, checking out his room for his three weeks and liking the simplicity of the futon and the large wardrobe and the bathroom attached, cackling gleefully at the sight of a japanese hot spring style bathtub. dongwoo sighs contentedly as he opens the rice paper screen door that led to the backyard that’s teeming with beautiful plants and trees.

the peace is ruined though when a head pokes in through the ceiling and stares down at dongwoo. “hey, have you seen daeryeong?” the head asks, chewing on his lower lip worriedly. dongwoo gapes, throat choking up as the head disappears before appearing again, calling for daeryeong.

i thought this place was supposed to be ghost free, dongwoo wails mentally, too terrified to even scream. and this was certainly very different because back in the city, the ghosts just followed him around but here, this one was talking to him. like they were friends.

“dude, don’t gape. it’s unsightly,” someone else says, walking through the closed door of his room. “have you seen soryeong?”

“dae? is that you?” the ceiling head says. the head pops through again and grins widely at his lookalike. “i was looking for you!” he huffs, dropping out from the ceiling and moving towards the other, pulling him into a hug.

“he’s new,” daeryeong says, nodding at dongwoo who’s frozen on his futon, pulling out of his twin’s hug. “how’d you get here?”

“um,” dongwoo says intelligently and soryeong clucks his tongue.

“poor thing,” he says, smiling down at dongwoo pityingly. “he must still be a little lost. don’t worry though, the other ghosts here are really friendly,”

the twins smile brightly at dongwoo. “and you’re lucky to have turned up here. sunggyu-hyung is really nice to us,” daeryeong adds on. “come on, don’t just lie there! get up and we’ll introduce you to some of the others,”

“i’m not dead,” dongwoo blurts out hoarsely, resisting the urge to scream. the twins exchange a look before smiling pityingly. “that’s what they all say at first. don’t worry, when sunggyu-hyung gets back, he’ll help you come to terms with it,” they say in unison.

dongwoo shoots up from his futon, eyes wide as he says loudly, “i’m really not! i’m a friend of woohyun’s and i’m from the city! a-and you’re dripping all over the floor,”

they look down and groan. “oh man,” daeryeong says in dismay. “sunggyu-hyung’s going to kill us for ruining his floors,”

“he can’t kill us dae,” soryeong reminds him. “we’ve already drowned and died, so there’s no more dying for us. now, could you stop gaping at us and looking at us like we terrify you? we’re really nice people,”

dongwoo makes a strangled noise and promptly faints, knocking his head on the floor with a solid ‘thunk’.


when dongwoo comes to, the first thing he sees is a flash of fiery red in his vision and he lets out a strangled sound. “hey, hey, hey,” a voice says, soothing and gentle. “calm down and breathe. no one’s going to hurt you,”

dongwoo settles down drowsily, liking the feel of the hand gently massaging his temples before his eyes widen and he sits up, screaming. “GHOST! PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ME! I WON’T EXORCISE YOU OR ANYTHING JUST PLEASE---”

“calm down,” the red-haired man says, laughing. “i’m not a ghost don’t worry,”

“y-you’re not?” dongwoo stammers, drinking in the sight of the man kneeling by his futon, lips curved up into an amused smile and eyes that were crinkled into little half moons. dongwoo smiles back shakily before wailing at the sight of a long-haired person behind the redhead.

“shh, calm down!” the man says, grabbing dongwoo’s hands. “that’s just miyoung. she didn’t mean to scare you so calm down okay?”

dongwoo nods, squeezing his eyes shut in fear and gripping the man’s hands tightly as he tells miyoung to leave first. “there, she’s gone so you can open your eyes now,” the man says softly and dongwoo does as he’s told, heaving out a relieved sigh when he notices that the room is now ghost-free.

“wait! you can see ghosts too?” dongwoo questions incredulously. the man grins, dusting his knees as he stands, offering a hand to help dongwoo up. the younger man takes it as the redhead says, “yeah, i’ve never met anyone else who could though. if woohyun had told me about you, then i would’ve been here to make sure you didn’t panic when you met the ghosts here,”

“g-ghosts? h-here?” dongwoo stutters, looking close to tears. “howon sent me here to get me away from them,” he wails as the man pats his shoulder, looking sympathetic.

“come on, take a breather and i’ll introduce you to them okay? they aren’t scary at all. promise,” he says reassuringly and dongwoo sniffles, nodding in acquiescence and takes the man’s offered hand.

“i’m sunggyu by the way,” sunggyu says, closing the rice paper door and handing dongwoo a pair of slippers before leading him down the steps. “come on, i’ll introduce you to myungsoo. he’s my younger cousin who’s a photographer for a local magazine,”

“um, woohyun says he’s going to be back early so shouldn’t we wait for him?” dongwoo asks worriedly. sunggyu waves a hand. “pfah, let him be. he didn’t tell me about you and had you going into a breakdown. come on,”

dongwoo grins shyly, already liking the redhead, trailing after him and drinking everything he said about the village with great enthusiasm.


“ARGH!” a loud shout comes from inside the modest looking photo studio, shocking dongwoo into dropping his ice cream. “my cone,” he says mournfully as sunggyu laughs, tugging on his arm.

“don’t worry, i’ll get you another later,” he chuckles. “we should go in and see what’s wrong with myungsoo though,”

he tugs dongwoo towards the entrance, sliding the door open as the wind chimes tinkled at the movement. a moment later, a tall, gangly boy comes streaking out of the entrance, cackling madly before disappearing. “dammit sungyeol! my camera!” another boy shouts, frowning as he skids to a stop by the entryway. “hey hyung,” the fair-skinned man says unhappily.

“myungsoo, meet dongwoo. he’s woohyun’s friend who’ll be here for a couple of weeks,” sunggyu introduces. myungsoo shakes the smiling man’s hand before whining to sunggyu, “hyung, sungyeol stole my camera again! it’s the third time this week,”

sunggyu chuckles, putting an arm around his cousin and leading him into the studio, gesturing for dongwoo to close the door. “who’s sungyeol?” dongwoo asks curiously as myungsoo grumpily sits on his desk. “an irritating bastard that’s who,” myungsoo mutters.

“sungyeol,” sunggyu says, appearing with cups of tea, handing one to his cousin and the other to dongwoo. “is a poltergeist,”

at dongwoo’s questioning look the older man elaborates, “he’s a trickster basically in spirit form and their really mischievous. they create messes wherever they go like making your keys go missing, stealing a sock from the dryer or making loud noises in your house,”

“talking bad about me already hyung?” a voice says and then there’s a loud screech as a ruler from myungsoo’s desk is dragged along the wooden surface.

“lee sungyeol,” sunggyu says warningly and the poltergeist appears, chucking the ruler at dongwoo, who ducks just in time. “you rang?” he says airily, a cheeky grin on his face as he waves a nikon dslr camera around.

“my camera!” myungsoo exclaims, lunging towards the dancing camera only for it float up to the ceiling. he curses and glares up at it.

“myungsoo can see ghosts too?” dongwoo asks, eyes wide. sunggyu shakes his head. “nah, he can sense them though. that and sungyeol likes playing pranks on him,”

“give him the camera sungyeol,” sunggyu calls up to the ghost doing cartwheels on the ceiling. sungyeol sticks his tongue out at the older man before proceeding to dance to the choreography of a girl group dance, singing loudly.

“i’ll get sungjong,” sunggyu says loudly and the ghost immediately stops what he’s doing, paling.

“you wouldn’t!” he says, horrified as a wicked smile crosses sunggyu’s face.

“SUNGJONG!” sunggyu shouts as sungyeol yelped, hastily floating back down and shoving the camera at myungsoo. moments later, a blonde haired boy walks through the wall. “you called?” he asks, flicking his blonde fringe out of his eyes, smiling brightly.

“no! no, he didn’t!” sungyeol says nervously, hopping over to the blonde and clinging to him. “come on sungjongie, let’s go bother mrs. park. she’s always so mean right?” sungyeol blabbers, throwing sunggyu a look before dragging sungjong through the wall and disappearing.

sungjong’s head pokes back in seconds after though, blushing as he tells sunggyu, “tell myungsoo-hyung i said hi and that he looks good today,” before disappearing with a giggle.

dongwoo can’t help but smile at that as the redhead relays sungjong’s message to myungsoo. the photographer grumbles, cheeks pinking as he mutters, “it’s weird for a ghost to have a crush on you. thanks hyung,”

and myungsoo ambles off towards a set of stairs, ascending it and disappearing into a room. sunggyu smiles fondly. “let’s go out, i’m pretty sure sungjong and sungyeol are still hanging around,”

dongwoo shrugs and heads out, opening the door to a cowering sungyeol and a shrieking sungjong. “you took his camera didn’t you? i told you to leave myungsoo-hyung alone!”

sungyeol pulls a face and glares up at sungjong. “what’s so great about him anyway?” he shouts back as sungjong tackles him, pulling at his hair and clawing at him. dongwoo bursts out laughing just as sunggyu sighs at the sight of two ghosts wrestling on the ground, creating clouds of sand of fly up.

“they’re actually together. like dating together,” sunggyu explains. “and sungyeol pulls pranks on myungsoo because he’s jealous that sungjong has a crush on my cousin. they’re actually pretty childish,”

“i love you!” sungyeol shouts, pinning the blonde down. sungjong stares up at the other before smiling shyly, shouting back, “i love you too!”

the poltergeist presses a kiss to his boyfriend’s lips and takes his hand, the both of them dancing off giddily as they laughed and giggled. dongwoo watches them go with a wide smile and a warm feeling in his chest. ghosts aren't that scary after all.

“not so scary are they?” sunggyu says knowingly, taking dongwoo’s hand and squeezing it gently. “most of them are actually pretty sweet if not a little lost or scared sometimes. so i help them sometimes or when they go overboard and start freaking the poor ahjummas and ahjusshis in town,”

“that’s really nice of you,” dongwoo says shyly, gripping the older man’s hand a little tighter as he smiles at the redhead. sunggyu smiles back in kind, the smile soft around the edges and gentle as he leads dongwoo back towards his house.

“i do what i can,” sunggyu says modestly.

“how’d they, you know,” dongwoo asks hesitantly.

“die?” the older provides helpfully. “they drank poison. morbid for a couple of eighteen-year-olds but they did it because their parents went a bit crazy after they came out of the closet and wouldn’t let them be together,”

“oh,” dongwoo says hollowly, feeling sad as he thought of how bright their smiles were as they danced together, just happy to be with each other. “but it’s pretty romantic how they stayed together even after... dying,” he adds on. sunggyu hums non-committally at that and only smiles.

the rest of the walk home is spent in silence, occasionally broken when sunggyu greets a passing ghost brightly and introducing a still scared but no longer going into breakdowns whenever he saw ghosts dongwoo. when they reach home, it’s to an irritated woohyun who complained about how dinner was getting cold and why didn’t they tell him where they went but as dongwoo is falling asleep, tummy full with yummy home cooked food, woohyun didn’t say anything about how his and sunggyu’s hands were intertwined.


the next morning, dongwoo wakes up to the smell of pancakes and sunlight filtering through the thin material of the rice paper door and for the first time in a long time, he feels well rested. “hey sleepyhead,” woohyun says sliding the door to the room open wearing a floral patterned apron. “breakfast is ready so go get cleaned up,”

“okay,” dongwoo says, yawning widely and woohyun disappears, shouting for sunggyu to “stop primping hyung! the pancakes are going to get cold!”

dongwoo smiles sleepily at that and shuffles into the bathroom, stripping down and leaving his clothes on the counter. as he steps under the warm spray of water, he belatedly realises he’s forgotten to bring in his toothbrush and reaches around the shower curtain to grab it when someone places it into his hand.

“thanks,” he says to the long-haired woman in a white dressed, matted down with grass stains. he sticks the toothbrush into his mouth before jolting. long haired woman? he thinks and peeks around the curtain, only to scream when the pale faced woman raised a hand and waved at him.

“what’s wrong?” sunggyu shouts, opening the door to dongwoo wrapping himself with the shower curtain, brandishing his toothbrush and finger at the woman in a cross. “dongwoo! calm down!” sunggyu says loudly, stepping into the bathroom and tugging on the woman’s arm.

“miyoung, stop scaring him. come on, let’s go out yes?” he scolds the ghost, shooting dongwoo an apologetic look, ushering the ghost out of the bathroom and shutting the door after.

when the writer finally emerges from his room all showered and clean, the same woman is sitting at the kitchen table and dongwoo panics, opening his mouth to wail when woohyun stuffs a pancake in and makes him sit. “stop screaming dongwoo-hyung,” woohyun says calmly. “miyoung is perfectly harmless,”

miyoung smiles at him from under the curtain of her long hair and dongwoo very nearly chokes on his pancake. “sorry for scaring you,” she whispers, looking a little sad. sunggyu, who’s sitting next to her smiles and pats her hand.

“she got a little excited that someone else could see her,” sunggyu explains. “but she really is harmless, like every other ghost here so stop freaking out okay?”

dongwoo nods wordlessly and starts eating, shooting miyoung who was conversing with sunggyu quietly, curious glances. “my husband killed me,” she says suddenly, making dongwoo choke on his orange juice. “sorry,” she whimpers, looking guilty as sunggyu soothes her.

“n-no! it’s okay! i was just-- sorry-- i didn’t mean to pry,” dongwoo says hastily, reaching over with a trembling hand and patting hers quickly before retracting his hand. the proud look woohyun and sunggyu gives him makes him glow inside as miyoung blushes before disappearing.

“good job,” woohyun grins, throwing an arm around dongwoo. “it’s a small step, but a good one nonetheless,”

and the writer can’t stop smiling throughout the day, even when he follows sunggyu to woohyun’s cafe where he sings part time.


a week into his stay at the quaint little village, dongwoo learns that sunggyu is quite the mr. popularity there and everyone calls on him when something strange happens in their houses or shops. “it’s mostly because he can see us,” daeryeong explains, clutching his younger twin’s hand. after the initial scare during their first meeting, dongwoo meets them again through sunggyu who held his hand throughout it all and the writer realises that they’re actually really nice, like the other ghosts he’s met.

he also learns from the stories woohyun, who can’t see ghosts but can hear them, and sunggyu tell him that the twins drowned and died. “soryeong fell into the river and daeryeong jumped in after his twin,” woohyun says, wiping a cup dry as sunggyu flips through a music magazine. “turns out, neither of them could swim and help came a little too late. that’s why they drip water all over the place,”

“sunggyu-hyung gets mad about it though,” soryeong added on, twirling through the counter and leaving a wet spot behind, laughing when woohyun makes an indignant sound. “because you ruin my nice wooden floors. i’m pretty thankful your parents are the ones doing the repairs because they do it for free,” sunggyu shouts after them as the twins run out the cafe hand in hand, leaving woohyun to mop up after them.

dongwoo also learns that the ghosts that used to scare him shitless and made him break down into a wailing, sobbing mess were really nice, some a little weird and quirky and others just playful like sungyeol. it makes him realise, that all this time, the ghosts that used to follow him in the city were actually just following him because they could sense that he could see them and just wanted someone to talk to.

“a couple of them probably had unfinished business that they needed help with,” sunggyu explains and dongwoo now feels bad about it and he thinks that he probably hurt some their feelings when he ran away screaming. “don’t worry, now that you know better, you can help them out when you go back right?” sunggyu says, smiling slightly.

and then there’s an empty feeling in dongwoo’s chest because he really doesn’t want to leave. not when he’s gotten so used to the serenity of the village and the people and ghosts in it. he likes waking up to woohyun’s yummy breakfast and following sunggyu around as the singer introduces him to the ahjummas and ahjusshis that give him freebies because he’s adorable when he smiles. he’ll also probably - definitely - miss the ghosts even if sungyeol has now taken to playing pranks on him like the one time he injected vinegars into the bananas dongwoo bought.

dongwoo doesn’t have much time to think about leaving though because as he’s about to tell sunggyu he doesn’t want to leave, his phone rings and he pales. it’s his editor calling. swallowing, he picks up hand trembling as he puts the phone to his ear.


“i’m sor---” dongwoo says, getting cut off.

“JANG DONGWOO! IF YOU WANT TO LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER SUNRISE, YOU BETTER SEND ME A DRAFT IN TWO DAYS! YOU HEAR ME JANG DONGWOO?!” hyosung screeched and dongwoo is met with a dial tone after. he drops his phone on the table and slumps over.

“i’m going to die,” he groans pitifully. “and when i do, i’ll come back here and spend the rest of my life in the company of sungyeol and his horrible pranks,”

sunggyu’s laughter pulls him out of his pity party as he reaches over, cupping dongwoo’s face in his hands and says, “you won’t die and you won’t suffer sungyeol’s presence for all eternity. i have faith in you and i’m sure you’ll get something done before the draft deadline. jang dongwoo, fighting!”

and dongwoo very nearly dies of a heart attack when sunggyu presses their lips together. with woohyun watching. only to really faint when woohyun does the same.


a week and many phone calls and voicemails of hyosung shrieking her plans to murder him later, dongwoo finally finishes the draft of his new book. he’d spent most of the week cooped up in the study, hunched over the computer and tapping away the keyboard with the jung twins, sungjong and sungyeol accompanying him - distracting him really - and the occasional disturbance from sunggyu or woohyun to make him eat before allowing him to continue his work.

today, he sends off the email with sunggyu and woohyun watching and smiles widely, feeling grungy after having skipped out on several showers as he stretches, feeling satisfied. “what was your book about?” sunggyu asks once dongwoo has taken a long shower and is now smelling nicer to return back to the folds of society.

dongwoo only laughs his trademark ‘eukyakya’ laugh and pulls sunggyu in for a hug and brief kiss to the redhead’s lips before running off after sungyeol who’d stolen his pororo boxers and shouting back, “you’ll have to wait and see hyung!”

sunggyu smiles fondly as woohyun comes up behind him, the younger wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist and pressing a kiss to sunggyu’s temple. “should we help him?” woohyun asks, watching as dongwoo shouts up at sungyeol who was moonwalking in the air.

“probably not,” sunggyu laughs and over dinner, dongwoo sports a bruise on his cheek and a sprained wrist after falling out of the tree he climbed up to get his boxers back. “you’re so mean sunggyu,” he pouts. “i thought you loved me,”

sunggyu only laughs and shoves kimchi into dongwoo’s mouth. “not enough to help you get those horrid boxers back,” he replies.

“i love you though, ugly boxers and all,” woohyun says, setting down a steaming pot of lamb stew and throwing hearts at dongwoo whilst winking. “ugh,” dongwoo laughs, batting at the invisible hearts, feeling an ache in his chest that a week later, he’d have to say goodbye to all of this but he keeps his smile on his face, wanting to enjoy every moment with them before he has to go.


a week later finds myungsoo, woohyun, dongwoo and sunggyu at the train station, accompanied by an entourage of ghosts, invisible to everyone but them and dongwoo gets all teary when sunggyu and woohyun envelope him into a hug. “i’ll miss you guys,” he wails, clinging to them, ignoring the stares from the people around them.

“we’ll miss you too,” the twins say in unison, joining in on the hug and wetting everyone, sungjong complaining about the water ruining his designer clothes and sungyeol shutting him up with a kiss. “keep in touch hyung and come visit again soon,” myungsoo says when they’re done with the group hug. “oh, here,”

he hands dongwoo a picture, framed nicely in a simple wooden picture frame. dongwoo smiles tearily when he sees the group picture they took with the ghosts in sunggyu and woohyun’s backyard. everyone is laughing and smiling, sungyeol and soryeong hanging upside down from a tree as sungjong glares up at them, daeryeong lying on the grass with woohyun. dongwoo, sunggyu and myungsoo are seated cross legged on the picnic blanket laughing over a book.

“thanks myungsoo,” he says, hugging the younger. “i’ll see you guys soon!” he says as woohyun tackles him with another hug, forcing sunggyu into it.

“we’d better,” woohyun says, sniffling and kissing dongwoo’s cheek. sunggyu does the same and tells him to stay safe. as the he boards the train and it takes off, dongwoo looks out the window to see his friends and newfound lovers waving at him madly and when they’re too far away that they’ve become little specks, dongwoo finds himself smiling and crying a little.


“it’s been two months since dongwoo’s come to stay with us,” woohyun says sadly, rolling around on the living room floor. sunggyu looks up from his book and smiles. “yeah, i wonder how he is. he hasn’t called in two weeks,”

“mean,” says sungjong, pouting as he sits on sungyeol, ignoring his boyfriend’s protests as the the jung twins laugh at his predicament. myungsoo walks in moments later, holding a large brown envelope. “you’ve got mail,” he says, waving it at his cousin. sunggyu takes it from him and opens it, grinning widely when he realises it’s dongwoo’s book.

“it’s dongwoo’s book!” he says and everyone clamours around, excited.

the front cover of the blue book reads:


by jang dongwoo

“what’s it about?” sungyeol asks as sunggyu flips it around to read the synopsis in the back.


this is a story of a boy who can see ghosts and is terrified of them because he’s got courage the size of a teaspoon. when he moves to the countryside to stay with an old friend and his lover, he learns that maybe, just maybe, ghosts aren’t all that scary after all.

“isn’t this about us?” woohyun questions as  the doorbell rings and they scramble to go answer it. when they’ve opened the door, they see dongwoo, hair dyed to a dark blue with a bunch of suitcases by his side, grinning his trademark gummy smile. “hey there ghostbusters,” he greets.



Tug of War

Title: Tug of War
Pairing: sekai, sukai, hunhan, lukai
Summary: jongin is like a ship in a choppy ocean, the waves constantly ramming against him and all he can do is struggle to stay afloat as he breathes, sleeps and dreams of sehun.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: this is a fic inspired by a picture of jongin at exhibition and the entire 2450 words of it is for my beloved captain-nim moonkissedx it turned out a little darker than i expected but i hope you like it bb /hearts

20 minutes in as jongin is a sweating, panting mess on the panel wood floors, his shirt soaked through with sweat, sehun sits by him, smiling down at him and he says quietly, “you’ll be my friend won’t you?”

Tug of War

title: tug of war

pairing: sehun/jongin, suho/jongin, sehun/luhan, luhan/jongin

summary: jongin is like a ship in a choppy ocean, the waves constantly ramming against him and all he can do is struggle to stay afloat as he breathes, sleeps and dreams of sehun.

rating: pg

notes: this is a fic for my beloved captain-nim, daseotbyul <3 we sail together merrily on our jongin ship and because i love jongin, i shall torture him with angst ;w; hope you like this bb~


when jongin signs with sm in 2007, he signs the contract with exhilaration flowing in his veins and his heart beat loud in his ears. his mother signs the contract with her lips pressed into a thin line, unimpressed and upset but she hides it well, smiling stiffly at the person in charge as he welcomes jongin into sm, asking him to move into the dorms a week after his training starts.

jongin is excited because dance has always been his first love ever since his parents brought him to watch the nutcracker ballet at 4. “don’t you dare do anything that will embarrass us,” his mother hisses when they’re in the confines and privacy of their own car and on the way home. jongin feels an ache of regret in his throat that the one thing he decides to fight for in his life is the one thing his parents never really wanted for him.

fact: jongin has never been good with claiming the things he wants. even as a child, he is shy and all sorts of awkward. he’s always allowed his sisters to push him around, easily giving up to them because this one of the ways he knows not to disappoint people - his parents and his teachers alike - and because of that, jongin used to get teased and picked on in elementary school for being too pretty, for having lips that are too thick to a be boys but he bears it anyway with a shy smile and a light that shines in his eyes.

the first person jongin meets during his first training as he steps into the dance room, steps hesitant and unsure is joonmyeon. joonmyeon is kind, a good hyung that is always looking out for jongin. it’s no surprise that taemin teases jongin about the way the trails after the older boy with stars in his eyes and his lips curved into a smile with a hint of unspoken affection. jongin likes the way joonmyeon has seen him at his worst, screaming his lungs out and throwing chairs across the room and breaking things apart when the bullies in the company, the bitter trainees who’ve been there forever channel their bitterness onto jongin but still sticks around.

jongin likes the way that joonmyeon has seen him at his best, eyes sparkling as they stay long after training has ended for jongin to dance for joonmyeon. this time without sneakers that squeak as they slide across the panel wood floors but soft, supple canvas ballet shoes that fit his feet snugly, like a second home. joonmyeon can only watch in awe and keep this moment close to his heart as he watches jongin spin across the room effortlessly, leaping high and graceful, the extensions of his leg bleeding with the emotions jongin always puts in his dance, his eyes bright with the fire the younger has in him. jongin likes that joonmyeon is the first person he’s danced ballet for, not counting his parents because through ballet, it’s how he bares his soul to the older boy and he sticks around.

in a way, jongin thinks, joonmyeon is his first love. the first person to see him for who he is, the boy behind the shy smiles and the inability to express his feelings. the child behind the front he puts up to brave through christmas and chuseok without his parents there and the nights when he calls home from the dorm only for his mother to turn him away with a few curt words. but jongin thinks it’s okay when he is curled up in bed with joonmyeon, legs tangled as the older boy sings a lullaby just for him, long fingers carding through jongin’s inky locks, the sound of joonmyeon’s heartbeat and gentle voice lulling him into sleep, tear tracks drying on his face.

fact: jongin’s dream to dance on a stage with the crowd watching him and cheering for him is the only thing he’s ever fought hard for in his life, risking the disappointment he sees in his father’s eyes and the anger in his mother’s because this is his dream. he breathes and lives dance and it’s all he’ll ever want. that’s why he participates in the sm youth’s best contest, heart breaking a little when he doesn’t see the face of his parents in the audience but he wins it anyway, going on to sign on with sm, pride swelling in his chest.

sehun arrives with little fanfare on a sweltering afternoon in 2008 during dance training. 20 minutes in as jongin is a sweating, panting mess on the panel wood floors, his shirt soaked through with sweat, sehun sits by him, smiling down at him and he says quietly, “you’ll be my friend won’t you?”

jongin smiles back, hesitant and he nods. “i guess,” he says quietly, allowing sehun to wrap his bony fingers around his wrist and tug him back up onto his feet, the hold on his wrist feeling more like a silent exclamation of mine! than an offer of friendship but jongin shrugs it off, slipping back into place next to joonmyeon with sehun on his other side.

sehun soon becomes a permanent fixture by jongin’s side, joining him, joonmyeon and chanyeol during breaks and lunches, a slight smile on his face as he talks enthusiastically with chanyeol, his tongue curving awkwardly around his ‘s’s and jongin smiles on, lips stretched wide as joonmyeon hooks an arm around his waist, laughing quietly into jongin’s shoulder at chanyeol’s joke.

the smile slips off jongin’s face when he sees the smouldering, almost angry gaze sehun has on him, eyes narrowed at the proximity between joonmyeon and jongin. jongin wonders what it means and pushes it to the back of his mind as he whines for chanyeol to buy them drinks for once. it’s only later that night when training ends and joonmyeon heads back to the dorms first because he’s sprained his ankle during dance earlier that evening that jongin realises that sehun is possessive.

he gasps when sehun turns off the music abruptly, cornering jongin to the mirrors, hands wrapped tight around jongin’s wrist as he presses his face to the hollow between jongin’s neck and shoulder and mouths a single word into jongin’s skin that burns deep into his bones and soul.


fact: sehun is possessive of his things. he’s selfish like that and he clings to no end to a person he’s decided is his. jongin is one such example. he hates it when jongin gets too close to joonmyeon because it makes an ugly anger burn in his gut, churning in his stomach and he hates feeling that way so he wedges himself between jongin and joonmyeon. he especially hates seeing the soft affection jongin has for the older boy and the way it is readily reciprocated.

when luhan arrives later in 2008, towards autumn when the leaves are turning a pretty golden brown that jongin likes, jongin finds himself trying to figure the chinese boy out. luhan is quiet with his doe eyes and gentle, pale features, fitting in seamlessly with wufan and yixing. their groups of friends merge together though when joonmyeon extends a lunch invitation to them to make them fit in even though wufan has been around for three years already, he sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of koreans.

jongin finds himself liking luhan a lot. he likes the wittiness and sarcasm that lies underneath the older boy’s gentle features and the way luhan makes people laugh almost effortlessly, cheering jongin up with his careful korean and little hugs. jongin is proud that he no longer flinches away from physical contact and he supposes he has sehun to thank for it because the younger boy constantly crowds into his personal space as if telling everyone to back off.

but luhan never seems to listen, treating sehun’s possessive proclamations like one would treat a child throwing a temper tantrum, easily slipping under jongin’s walls and making the dancer love him more and more. jongin isn’t sure when he’d started making room for luhan alongside joonmyeon’s reserved place in his heart and sehun’s forceful entry but he does and he loves the chinese boy wholeheartedly.

it’s still pretty obvious that his world revolves around sehun, never minding when the younger pushes him around and to breaking point sometimes with his careless but jongin comes back, he always does because he cannot help but breathe, sleep and live for sehun and his lisp and curving eye smiles and sudden bouts of aegyo.

it isn’t until they’re celebrating jongin’s birthday a couple of months before exo’s debut that jongin realises how twisted and messed up his relationship with sehun is. the younger boy is willing to go to unnecessary means if only to teach jongin a lesson that he belongs to oh sehun and his heart is to love nobody else.

when sehun and luhan disappear somewhere in between games, baekhyun sends him to find them and he does so obediently. he finds them together in a hidden alcove, their bodies curved into each other’s, fitting like a puzzle piece as they kiss, the quiet, wet sounds of their kissing reaching jongin’s ears and jongin thinks the sound of heartbreak is an ugly, ugly one when sehun opens his eyes and looks straight at jongin, eyes challenging and telling him fiercely that this is what he will do because jongin is his.

fact: sehun is the first person jongin tells about joonmyeon as his first love and luhan as his crush. he remembers chattering giddily to his best friend about them and oh, how he could fall in love with luhan if the older boy gave him the chance to do so. sehun never says anything in reply, keeping his head low and teeth clenched as jongin sighs and frets over his feelings and all sehun can think of in that moment is ‘jongin is mine. only mine,’

soon after the kiss jongin witnessed in the alcove and in the flurry of debut, sehun and luhan tells everyone that they are dating and jongin hears his heart shatter again over the flurry of congratulations from the hyung-deul and the whispered worries as well as warnings to keep it on the down low. he sees nothing else but the silent apology luhan shoots at him and the burning pride sehun has in his eyes.

that same night, as jongin is heading back to the room he shares with kyungsoo, sehun corners him, pressing him into the wall, lips hot on his neck as he murmurs, “mine, only mine. do you understand that jongin-ah? you will never be allowed to love anyone but me. if you do, i’ll take them away from you and leave you broken so that no one else will love you,”

jongin feels his tears track their way down his cheeks as sehun swallows his sobs with a harsh kiss before shoving away, wiping his lips with the back of his hand. “goodnight, hyung,” he says mockingly and kyungsoo finds jongin asleep outside their room the next morning, curled up into a tight ball with dried tears on his face.

fact: contrary to popular belief, as headstrong and stubborn jongin is, he allows sehun to push him around and decide what they’ll do during their free days. many think it is jongin that dominates the friendship with demands to maybe go play basketball or get drinks at a nearby cafe but in actuality, it is sehun who demands that they get bubble tea or that jongin hangs out with him on the rooftop for lunch today instead of eating it with joonmyeon.

on days like this, jongin doesn’t feel very much like kai even as he roams around the sm art exhibition with the rest of exo, trailing behind sehun and luhan who are smiling and whispering jokes to each other, their bodies turned towards the other like that’s the way they have to exist. jongin feels sore, tired and he feels like throwing a temper tantrum or shouting at sehun “why are you doing this to me? why do you make me love you but pull away every single time? why won’t you allow me to love joonmyeon? why did you take luhan from me even though you knew how much i like him?”

yet, jongin keeps it all inside, bottled up inside his mind and pushed to a corner as he struggles to keep his face blank, making sure his pain doesn’t leak out into his features because of the cameras that follows them around.

later, as the members crowd around a cartoon drawing of exo, he looks down, lips pulled down into a sad, heartbroken frown for a moment when he sees that whoever has drawn this has put him between luhan and joonmyeon. the chinese boy’s arm around his shoulders and the leader’s hand on his arm as he smiles brightly even in cartoon form.

he feels a brush of fingers on his cheeks and he looks up, startled into joonmyeon’s concerned face. jongin swallows, glancing around surreptitiously for the camera and the leader smiles. “i got chanyeol, minseok and jongdae to goof around,” he says in explanation, taking jongin’s hand in his own and tangling their fingers together, tugging him away from the exhibitions and towards the washroom after their manager gives them the green light.

jongin can only hope sehun doesn’t see this because there is no doubt that the younger would throw a silent, hissy fit but the thought slips out of his mind when joonmyeon squeezes his hand and smiles gently at him, closing the washroom door behind them and locking it. “why do you look so sad these days jongin-ah?” he asks in concern.

jongin allows himself to fold into joonmyeon, the older boy’s arms coming up and around him, cradling him close like he used to all those years ago when the taste of failure was heavy on jongin’s tongue or when he missed his parents. joonmyeon’s arms and the smell of joonmyeon’s mango shampoo as well as the smell of bb cream and make up is almost like coming home to a bright house on a cold winter day and he can’t help but press closer.

in quiet, halting sentences, he tells joonmyeon about sehun. he tells him of how he feels like a ship on a choppy ocean during a storm, the wind buffeting his sails as the ocean throws its waves at his battered body and all he can do is try to stay afloat. he tells him of how he once told sehun of his feelings for luhan and the younger had punished him by taking luhan away.

“he can’t know that i still love you hyung,” jongin chokes out, shuddering at the gentle feel of joonmyeon’s fingers on his back, stroking soothing circles and nonsense into his shirt, the heat of his fingers seeping through the thin material and warming jongin. “i can’t let him take you away from me. i wouldn’t be able to stand it,”

joonmyeon laughs softly, rocking jongin. “silly dancing machine. sehun can try but he won’t take me from you. you’re as much my first love as i was yours. now smile and let’s go back out there. tonight, i’ll switch rooms with kyungsoo so that i can sing for you again,”

the dancer smiles, eyes crinkled into half moons as a flush makes its way across his cheeks. “i’d like that hyung,” he says shyly. “i’d like that very much,”

as they head back out, hand in hand, jongin breathes easy for the first time in a long while, no longer seeing sehun every time he so much blinks, sehun no longer crowding his thoughts and sehun no longer controlling his every move. he finds it almost easy to ignore the angry glare sehun shoots at him with joonmyeon by his side and zitao on his other, blocking sehun and distracting jongin with his lilted korean and exclamations at every display.

jongin feels like a ship back at dock, anchored down and secure for the first time in a long while.

fact: jongin realises his world has never been centred around sehun’s. instead, it was always sehun’s world that revolved around jongin, every touch and hold like a shackle on jongin’s wrist. jongin realises that joonmyeon has always been the one to keep his world safe and anchored down.


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Title: Reunion
Pairing: OT6
Summary: it's been four years since they've went their separate ways
Notes: inspired by teen top's be ma girl mv even though none of it pointed to assassins but here's a short teen top assassin!au :) it's been a while since i've written anything teen top tbh. heh.

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<b>Title:</b> Reunion
<b>Pairing:</b> OT6
<b>Summary:</b> it's been four years since they've went their separate ways
<b>Notes:</b> inspired by teen top's be ma girl mv even though none of it pointed to assassins but here's a short teen top assassin!au :) it's been a while since i've written anything teen top tbh. heh.

<a href-"">“it’s been four years too long,” he murmurs, pressing down on the pedal and the black van speeds through the night.


Title: Reunion

Pairing: OT6

Summary: it’s been four years since they’ve all went their separate ways.

Rating: G

Notes: I have no idea how, but this was mostly inspired by teen top’s be ma girl mv when there was nothing in it pointing towards assassins. i have a vivid imagination. anyway, hope you enjoy this little assassin!au of teen top :)


jonghyun and chanhee

“hey hyung!” a familiar voice calls out. chanhee turns around from where he is testing the weight of the bowling balls to see jonghyun making his way around the crowd to him, smiling slightly. “jonghyun-ah,” chanhee says in lieu of a greeting. “you didn’t tell me you were coming down to the alley tonight,”

jonghyun shrugs, smiling easily as he makes his own pick of the bowling balls. he finally settles on a neon yellow one and trails after chanhee to his lane. “felt like coming down,” he says. “hope you don’t mind me crashing into your lane?”

chanhee smirks. “hope you don’t mind when i cream you,”

jonghyun’s eyes glint as he silently accepts the challenge, taking the initiative to bowl first. his strike goes unnoticed though and his gloats die in his throat when he sees chanhee on the phone, a phone he hasn’t seen in four years and he feels a rush of adrenaline, heart pumping loud in his ears as chanhee says. “okay. we’ll meet you there,” and slips the silver phone in his pocket.

“work?” jonghyun questions needlessly, licking his dry lips. chanhee wry smile is enough of an answer and they leave the bowling alley, offering their lane up to a couple.

daniel and byunghun

“nice aerial daniel!” byunghun hollers, rolling his own skateboard with a foot, grinning when daniel lands another aerial followed by a simple kickflip before skating off the ramp towards him, a wide smile on his face. “finally got that move down huh?” byunghun laughs, handing the older boy his water.

daniel shrugs, cheeks pink from the adrenaline skateboarding always brings especially when you’re out there on the ramp hitting the tricks as best as you can. he gulps the water down thirstily as the younger boy says casually, “those chicks are eyeing you,”

daniel rolls his eyes good naturedly. “nah. not interested,” he says, winking at the blonde and slipping an arm around his friend’s waist. byunghun makes kissy faces at his hyung before gliding away on his skateboard. “my turn to get the chicks crazy,”

daniel’s laugh follows him all the way to the ramp and as he gets the momentum he needs, effortlessly doing a laser flip followed by an ollie. he hears the girls cheering for him and smiles deciding to test out a move he’s been practicing for a while now and when he lands the illusion heelflip, he grins widely, heart racing as he high fives a couple of other skaters, skating his way back to daniel.

“hyung! did you see my illusion heel--” he exclaims excitedly, words dying off when he sees the familiar glint of silver in daniel’s hand, the older boy’s back facing him as he murmurs something to the person on the other end of the line. “okay, it’ll be good to see you again hyung. same place in fifteen?” he hears daniel say fondly, an affectionate smile on his face. “okay, cool. bye,” and he snaps the phone shut, turning to face byunghun.

“work calls,” he announces and byunghun raises a brow.

“we haven’t had work in four years,” he comments. daniel shrugs, draping an arm around the blonde’s shoulders. “who cares, it’ll be nice to see everyone again though. your illusion heelkick was pretty sick by the way,”

minsoo and changhyun

“are you even old enough to be drinking?” minsoo chuckles as changhyun slips through the crowd of dancing girls to him, a bottle of beer in hand. the younger boy smirks before tipping his head back, allowing the alcohol to slip down his throat. “maybe. come on, let’s play,” he answers coyly, placing his beer on the edge of the snooker table and grabbing two cues. minsoo shakes his, amused before stealing changhyun’s beer and draining it in one shot.

“hyung!” changhyun whines as minsoo bends over, cue at ready, smile on his face. “sorry maknae, my bad,” and he strikes the middle of the white ball precisely, sending a yellow ball into pocket. changhyun claps excitedly. “looks like you haven’t lost your touch hyung,” he says cheekily.

minsoo chuckles, moving to other side of the table and ruffling the younger boy’s hair, leaning to press a kiss to his forehead. “i haven’t lost my touch with a lot of things,” he murmurs, eyes darkening for a second before he lightens up and sends a red ball into another pocket. changhyun watches without complaint as his hyung pockets another red ball and green ball.

“i thought we were playing together,” changhyun complains good naturedly. “i’m going to get beer since you’re on a winning streak. want one?”

minsoo grins and hands over a couple of beers. “get the pack,” changhyun giggles, taking the money and making his way back to the bar. he orders a six pack beer and smiles in thanks, handing the money over to the bartender before squeezing his way through a bunch of excited girls, sloshing their coloured drinks around as they danced to the live band.

“hyung, i got us tsing tao beer. hope it’s okay,” changhyun says, placing the pack on the table, careful not to misplace any of the snooker balls and tapping the older man on his shoulder. when minsoo turns around, changhyun gasps. “andy-hyung!” he exclaims, pushing past minsoo to hug the man. andy laughs hugging the younger back before releasing him.

“it’s nice to see you again. both of you,” andy says, lips tilted in a slight smile. “but i’m afraid i’m not here for a night of drinks and snooker. you’ve got an assignment,”

“after four years?” changhyun questions incredulously.

“yes. your target is the son of a recently deceased CEO of an electronics company. he’s stepped on a couple of tails in his recent takeover and many are out for his blood. he’s also held under high suspicions of running an illegal human fight ring,”

andy hands minsoo a black briefcase. “details are inside. finish this up quick and we can go bowling or something okay? get the team together and start immediately. the payment is 1.5 million won for each of you,”

changhyun gasps at the amount as minsoo nods grimly, accepting the briefcase. “okay hyung. we’ll call you once it’s done,”

andy nods and pops open one of the beers changhyun bought earlier, raising it in a silent toast before taking a swig. “see you,” he says before melting away into the crowd and disappearing. minsoo and changhyun stand in silence for a moment before minsoo sighs. pulling out a silver phone from his back pocket.

“let’s get teen top back together,” he mutters, dialling a familiar number and making his way to the exit of the pub. “and grab the beer changhyun. i could use a drink,”

changhyun smiles fondly, grabbing the pack. some thing’s never change with his hyung.

teen top

chanhee pulls up into a parking easily, turning the engine of his car off before exiting, jonghyun already popping the door open and hopping out almost immediately after the car stops moving and he strides up to daniel and byunghun, both holding a skateboard under their arms.

“hyung!” jonghyun exclaims, high fiving them with a grin. “it’s good to see you guys again! though i’m a bit peeved that both of you stayed in contact with each other and not me,”

byunghun grins easily. “i highly doubt the skate crowd would’ve suited you. you were better off playing bowling with chanhee,”

chanhee playfully hits byunghun before hugging the blonde and daniel. “it’s good to see your faces. been good boys?”

daniel and byunghun exchange smirks before shrugging. “sure,” daniel laughs just as a black van pulls into the underground basement of the car park. “ooh, here’s our fearless leader,”

the van pulls to a stop right next to where the four boys are standing and the door slides open, changhyun grinning from inside. “get in. minsoo-hyung and i have a snooker game to get back to,”

the four exchange looks, byunghun smacking changhyun lightly and grumbling about rude dongsaengs, sliding the door close as daniel takes the front seat. “minsoo-hyung,” he says breathlessly, taking in the cropped hair and easy dressing of the older man. he’s holding a beer in one hand, the other on the steering wheel with a wry, fond smile on his face. “daniel, boys,” he says, just as daniel leans over and presses a kiss to his jaw, stealing his beer in the process.

minsoo shakes his head as he puts the van into gear, leaving the underground parking. “check the gear,” he orders and there’s a flurry of movement in the back and when they stop at a red light, he looks at his team through the rearview mirror and his lips curve up into a smile.

“it’s been four years too long,” he murmurs, pressing down on the pedal and the black van speeds through the night.

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Title: Still

Pairing: yunho/changmin (homin)

Rating: G

Notes: it’s been a while since i’ve been inspired to write anything remotely homin :) this was mostly inspired by their still pv which was absolutely breathtaking. hope you like it :) here's to hoping i can convey the emotions i want via this fic ;w;


you dash into the empty cafe, the yellow lights and warm beige walls beckoning you in to get out of the chill that winter brings. once inside, you sigh in relief, feeling the warmth wash over you as you take a seat nodding to the barista for your usual hot latte. as you unwrap your scarf from around your neck and drape it on the back of your chair, you shiver, a chill running up your spine as you wonder what’s wrong. you shrug it off when the bell above the cafe tinkles and he walks in, dressed warmly in a dark blue parka and a scarf wrapped up to his nose and you can’t help but smile at how adorable he looks.

he comes over, take the seat opposite you and his smiles, leaning over and brushing your cheek with a gentle kiss. a light dusting of pink dances its way over your cheeks as your hot latte slides in front of you. glad for the distraction, you blow gently into the hot drink, chasing away the steam and you chance a glance up at him through lowered lashes, feeling uncharacteristically shy and a pang of pain in your chest at how good he looks. his cheeks are still pink from the cold but he’s smiling, lips curved up into a gentle smile as he watches you watching him with affection in his eyes along with tinges of sadness and pain.

with one hand, you finger the rim of your mug and your free hand rests on the table, fingers twitching. he seems to notice and he smiles widely this time, the love he has for you just shining through and you feel your breath catch in your throat, a wave of affection for this man coursing through your body and as your eyes slip close to blink, you feel his hand cover yours, a gust of wind and lips on yours.

when you open your eyes, he is gone, his sweet, loving smile and affection along with him and you clench your empty hand, the ghost of his warmth still lingering and you lean forward, head touching the wooden table as you cry out in anguish. yunho!

your tears and cries fall on empty ears and the cafe that was once warm and full with bright laughter is cold and unfeeling to your pain.

But if we meet in our dreams,
I will kiss you with (all) my strength.
I cannot forget you till forever.
I will always stay like this.
The harder it is, the more I’ll love you.
-tohoshinki, still

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Brothers in Arms

Title: Brothers in Arms
Summary: sehun enlists in the army, leaving behind his first unrequited love and tumbling headfirst into a relationship he isn't quite ready to commit to
Pairing: sekai, hunhan
Rating: PG-15
Notes: do i have to member lock pg-15 posts? :) anyway, this is a sort of army!au that crossed my mind during my exams and now that exams are over, i'm free to write! expect more from me hehehe :)

sehun knows that this friendship and sex means more to jongin than it does to him but they never cross that boundary. jongin knows better than to tell sehun he loves him.

Brothers in Arms

Title: Brothers in Arms

Summary: sehun enlists in the army, leaving behind his first unrequited love and tumbling head first into a relationship he isn’t quite ready to commit to.

Pairing: hunhan, sekai

Rating: PG-15

Notes: yay~ exams ended, holidays are starting :) i now have the time to catch up on the fic bits my muse has been dropping me! so, here’s an angsty drabble!


1. sehun enlists in the army at nineteen, a year after graduating high school and spending two months of his winter holidays at a loss as to what he wants to do now that he’s stepped out into the real world. luhan, his best friend, supports his decision to enlist, accompanying him to the field, his father to disappointed to care and his mother crying at the thought of her son leaving her for two years. luhan is the last thing he sees as he waves sehun off, the younger walking through the gates and he feels regret, a bitter taste on his tongue that he never really got to tell his best friend that he loves him and it weighs heavily in his mind.

2. the army isn’t easy nor is it fun and games. it’s waking up at the crack of dawn, taking a quick five minute shower in cold, cold water and assembling in the field dressed smartly in their uniforms to start the morning march. afternoons are spent with the sun hot on the back of his neck as they crawl and run all over the field for physical training and night is spent marching yet again all the way to the wee hours of the night and the soldiers have barely enough strength to even take a shower after.

3. two months into the army and sehun goes back to the barracks every night, tired and sore and feeling a bone-deep ache and missing luhan and his witty comments and accented korean. sehun misses home, his mother’s hugs and cooking and his father’s presence. but he manages to find solace in another boy, his age, jongin, who is warm and gentle and all sorts of awkward. it’s jongin’s constant strive for perfection that has sehun trailing along behind, eager to match up to him and has him forgetting the ache in his chest. it’s jongin’s sweet kisses and gentle hands that has him forgetting luhan and it’s jongin’s body and the way he arches into sehun and his touches. sehun knows that this friendship and sex means more to jongin than it does to him but they never cross that boundary. jongin knows better than to tell sehun he loves him.

4. jongin curls up into sehun’s warmth, tangling their legs together as his breathing fans out over sehun’s collarbones and sehun runs his fingers through the boy’s hair, presses a gentle kiss to his forehead as sweat cools off their heated skin. sehun drifts off to sleep with jongin’s quiet breathing lulling him into dreamland and as his eyes slip close, he dreams of luhan.
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